Growing Up With Star Wars: Revisiting the Saga

During the last 3 months, my father has driven me to revisit the Star Wars saga. He gave me audio books to listen to, as well as access to his movie collection. He encouraged me to listen to the books and watch these movies, but this became difficult to do now that I am utilizing my time instead of playing videogames. As I continue through these books and movies, I will post my thoughts on them. I will not spoil the books and/or movies for the people who have not seen read or seen them. If you are interested, read or listen to the book, and watch the movie for yourself!

The first audio book is Star Wars-Darth Maul: The Shadow Hunter. This audio book was an intriguing one because it gave some background on the Darth Maul. He was incredibly powerful and was able to maneuver in ways that many Jedi could not. I strongly encourage any Star Wars fan to listen to this book. It takes you into the story and you find that time flies by as you follow each event in your mind. This audio book also puts a few questions in my mind. First, if Darth Maul was so powerful, why did George Lucas kill him in Episode I? Next, if Darth Maul would have lived, would he have been able to kill Palpatine?


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