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Growing Up With Star Wars: Toys

Star Wars toys have been a major part of my life since I can remember holding one. I have my specific  favorites, but all of the Star Wars toys I had were both well-built and a blast to play with. I loved being able to control how the Jedi fought different creatures and toys that I had. Some were just for decoration, some used for great battles in my own home and some that went everywhere I went.

Many of the toys I played with as a child have been lost, taken or broken into many pieces.These toys are the only tangible thing I have left from my childhood. These same toys were the only link I had to my father during our separation. During these years of our separation, I did not realize how important these toys really are. As I look at these toys now, memories come back to me. I remember times when I was very young. For example, tying a string around Han Solo and hanging him from our balcony. I was four years old then.

These toys also remind me of how I was robbed of the time with my father and time just to be a kid. All the years that went by that I was playing with the very same toys my father had given me. I didn’t realize that until July of 2010. 11 years, from when I was 5 until 16, I was forced to grow up too fast. Forced to grow up without my father, who loves me more than I can even begin to understand. It’s amazing to me that I realized all of this from a few Star Wars toys. Luckily for me my father saved a bag of my toys. My only tangible link to the short childhood I had. Some of my favorite toys, from what I can remember, I actually have. Others are only in my memories.

These toys are not in any given order. They are just a few of the many favorite toys I have or had. Below is a picture of the all of the toys I still have, including the bag my father saved. The toys in the front are all of the ones I played with the most. But all these toys mean a great deal to me and I will always treasure them for as long as I live.


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