Alta High School students targeted with KKK Hoods and Hail Hitlers’.

I am currently a junior at Alta High School. I’m bi-racial. I have been attending Alta High School since the fall of 2010. I have experienced several occurrences of racism since then but it was the usual ignorant rants that mindless people say.
On March 17, 2011 @ approximately 9:00am the school was gathering for our annual spirit bowl. I woke up excited because the first spirit bowl I attended was fun but this time I was going to actually participate.
While walking across the gym floor to find a seat, a student wearing a white hood with holes for eyes was jumping around. When his friends saw that I had noticed they began pointing and laughing. I immediately demanded that he remove the hood. He then approached me and began dancing in my face and taunting me. I snatch the hood and threw it behind me and his crowd of friends became very displeased with this. I found a seat, finally, and sat down next to a friend. She, her sister and her friend all asked me if I was ok. I told them I was ok, and then began to contemplate how I was going to handle the situation.
I felt numb! I had no idea that the KKK was part of my high school spirit bowl.

Later during the assembly he donned his hood again. When he got the opportunity, he began running in circles while showing his support for the general Nazi cause, hailing Hitler. I was immediately reminded of a recent movie on Netflix that I watched with my father. The images of the Nazi party marching while the people hailing Hitler as they strolled by.
From my observation nothing was said or done but later a group of people’s names, including the racist supporter, were called to the administrative office.
After the spirit bowl I walked to my Spanish class and was appalled that he was sitting in class. His friends were laughing and bragging how funny it was. I then realized I needed to talk to my father as soon as possible. I asked my teacher if I could go to the restroom, took the pass, and when I got outside I called my father. He told me to go to the office immediately and tell someone about my situation. I had no idea he was preparing to join me.
We all know that racism is a problem and I had heard a series of stories underlying race problems in Utah. I am now convinced that this is true. Who in their right mind would plan to blatantly enforce their hate for others in a large gathering in a public school? How is it a joke? How is that funny?
This incidence has made a lot of people really show their true feelings at Alta High School. I was so surprised to find that there was a large group of supporters for the student and his racist demonstration. They even are so brazen to express their view on Facebook. They are so entrenched with their cause that they are willing to show their name and face in support of hate.
If your child has to attend Alta High School and they are nonwhite just know that the chances of being treated unethically are very high. My experience is that to be a non-white individual is a bad thing at Alta High School. Some people who are non-white have conformed, so they do not have to deal with this type of bullying.
My father was not surprised by what happened. He grew up in Utah and remembers that school administrators, teacher, parents, and students felt free to use the N-Word and other forms of emotional mistreatment. He is writing a book about his life and he says he is pulling back the curtain on this type of hatred. He also informed me that a lot has changed and there are people who will not stand for that behavior. My parents have taught me to love people and respect everyone but no one can prepare you for this kind of treatment/torment.

Reaction to new allegations of alleged discrimination at Alta High School


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